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Founded in 1965

Melvin “Pop” Coleman moved to Gettysburg in 1934. He wanted his family to be raised in a Southern Baptist Church, but there were none in the area. So, he ordered materials and started his own Sunday School for his and neighborhood children.

Melvin still had a desire to be associated with a Southern Baptist Church. As more Southern Baptists moved into the area the vision became a reality. In the spring of 1963 a few families began meeting as a prayer fellowship on Thursday evenings in various homes. In 1964 the Prayer Fellowship was organized into a mission of the Country and Town Baptist Church in Camp Hill.

On January 17, 1965, Richard Lamborn was called as the first pastor and the mission began meeting in a small building on Wainwright Avenue. Land was later given by the Melvin Coleman family for a new church building which was constructed in 1967. The mission was officially constituted as a church on April 28, 1967. More than a half century later, in April, 2017, Memorial Baptist Church celebrated its 50th anniversary!