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VBS 2007 A Great Success

Published: Sept. 6, 2007

Vacation Bible School here at Memorial Baptist is the single largest outreach event of the year. We are glad to report Vacation Bible School 2007 was a great success! First and foremost 15 children accepted the Lord! The purpose of the week was fulfilled! It is truly amazing what the Lord will accomplish in one week. These decisions were made applying the ABC’s of salvation. A= Admit to God you are a sinner. B=Believe Jesus is God’s son. C=Confess Jesus as Savior and Lord. The ABC’s are an easy way for children to understand the steps to salvation. All glory is given to God for the little children that came to Him this week.

The theme for the week was “Game Day Central”, and as the title implies, sports was the theme! On Monday evening all the children, from 2 years old through adults, registered with their appropriate class and were simultaneously assigned a team color. The teams were the Blue Football team and the Orange Baseball team. The entire week are a grand competition. Each team player had responsibilities in which they could earn points for their team. One way to increase your score was bringing an offering. Each night the money brought, went to something specific. Along with designating the money, we also specified what coins to bring in each night. The following was our offering schedule and also how much money the children contributed this year.

Tuesday was Penny Night. The pennies went towards a construction mission trip. $96.52 was brought in.

Wednesday was Nickle/Dime Night. The money raised was given to Child Evangelism Fellowship of Adams County. $235.45 was given.

Thursday was Quarter/Canned Food Night. Quarters were given go to Adams County Christian Academy and the food was put in our church food pantry. $247.42 was brought in.

Friday was Dollar Night. Money collected went to the yearly youth mission trip. $266.06 was collected.

Along with the offering, opening games, singing enthusiastically, and bringing friends all gained points for the teams. The final score was always terrific and the winner was announced Friday evening at the closing ceremony. The Blue Football team arose victorious and with it came certificates for a free ice cream cone from Gettysburg’s Dairy Queen and free French fries from Gettysburg’s McDonalds. We thank these sponsors very much for their generosity.

Another part of our VBS was our bus ministry. We brought in many children from all around Gettysburg. The week went smooth and the bus was fuller than it has been in past years. Most of the children, however are brought by parents or come with friends. Forming relationships with these children has been an aspect of Memorial’s Vacation Bible School that keeps the same teachers and staff volunteering each year.

The staff, many of whom work all day, spend the evening cheering during the opening ceremonies, teaching Bible stories, singing songs, sharing snacks, and finally cleaning up and preparing for the next night. Our school rans from 6:45pm-9:00pm, so needless to say, our staff was special and very dedicated! And what would a staff be without a fearless leader. Along with the regular duties of a senior pastor, our devoted Pastor Steven Baker also had the title of VBS Director Extraordinaire’! He handled every aspect of VBS with great detail and specific care...especially when it came to his teams’ involvement in the competitions! He is a fierce competitor and being on the winning BLUE FOOTBALL team this year was a reward for his passionate team spirit.

All in All the week was FANTASTIC!! We spread the gospel with gusto, praised Jesus with Joy, and fought the good fight (we tried Orange team!) with finesse’! The week will reconvene in 2008, same time, same place...only next time we will be in the tropics!

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