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Welcome to the Memorial Baptist Church online Christian resource link repository. We’ve assembled a few links to useful and uplifting christian resource materials. Some are affiliations to help you get a better sense for what Memorial is all about. Others are intended to inspire you in your walk with God. Online Christian resources »

Links to Gettysburg Area Attractions

You probably are aware, after having spent a few moments here at, that we are located in Historic Gettysburg, Pa, home to the three day battle that many would argue turned the tide of the Civil War. Because of the rich history of our town we’ve put together links to Gettysburg Area Attractions and information regarding the Battle of Gettysburg for those who may be planning to visit The Gettysburg Civil War Battlefield. We hope this list will serve two purposes: 1. You will use these links to help find the information you are looking for about our great town, and 2. You will be sure to make plans to visit Memorial Baptist Church during your stay in Gettysburg.Gettysburg area attractions »