There are many ways you can subscribe to our podcast. The most common method is by creating a live bookmark in your web browser. The Live Bookmark feature is available on most, if not all, modern web browsers. However, for those of you using versions of Internet Explorer prior to version 7, live bookmarks are not available. Consider upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 or switching to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a very popular alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer that is certainly worth checking out. It’s free and you can download Firefox here. You can also subscribe using free software by Apple called iTunes. iTunes is designed to seamlessly integrate with your iPod so downloading sermons and listening to them at your convenience is a breeze.

Read on to learn how to subscribe to our podcast using the methods described above.

Live Bookmarks

For websites that have an RSS feed, the Live Bookmarks feature automatically keeps track of updates, so you always know when new content has been added to your favorite sites. Creating a Live Bookmark in a web browser is also commonly referred to as “subscribing”.

When you subscribe to a site’s RSS feed the content comes to you. Instead of constantly checking Web pages for changes and additions, a Live Bookmark delivers updates to your browser as soon as they are posted. All you have to do is check your bookmark and you’ll see a list of all the latest updates to the corresponding site. If something catches your eye just click on it and you'll be taken to that Web page just as you would with traditional bookmarks.

Adding a Live Bookmark in Firefox

So all this sounds great but how, you ask, do I create a Live Bookmark? Adding a live bookmark is easy. You can tell that a site offers an RSS feed when you see the live bookmark icon rss logo in Firefox’s browser window. In older versions of Firefox the RSS icon appears in the bottom right of the browser window. In newer version you’ll find it on the right-hand-side of the url bar at the top of the browser window. To create a live bookmark for that site, simply click on the icon. Then select where you want to save the live bookmark just like you would with a regular bookmark. Click OK. That’s it.

Adding a Live Bookmark in Internet Explorer 7

When you are at a website that offers an RSS feed, Internet Explorer’s RSS button rss logo in the upper right-hand-side of the browser window will light up bright orange. To see what the RSS feed will look like and to subscribe, click on the orange button.

IE7 will show you a preview of what the RSS feed will look like. At the top of the screen is the option to go ahead and subscribe to the feed. Click on this link.

A new window will pop-up allowing you to name this feed and place it in any folder you wish. Click on "Subscribe" to finish. You’re DONE!

Subscribing to Podcasts with iTunes

Once you’ve downloaded and installed iTunes on your computer you can subscribe to virtually any podcast in the known universe by dragging its URL into your podcast playlist, or by typing the URL into “Subscribe to Podcast” under the Advanced menu. Simply find the podcasts you want, subscribe free, and voila! With the click of a button, you get the most recent content - and all future content - automatically delivered directly to your iTunes podcast playlist. Or download past episodes by just clicking the Get button. Listen to your podcasts on your computer with iTunes, or sync them with your iPod and listen on the go.

So that’s all there is to it. You’ve just learned how easy it is to subscribe to our podcast. We hope you’ll enjoy the messages and through listening be enriched in your walk with Christ.

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