Pastor Steve Baker

Pastor Steve BakerPastor Steve is a loving, compassionate leader with a sincere desire to serve the Lord and the folks at Memorial Baptist Church in Gettysburg PA. Over 25 years ago Steve felt he was being called into the ministry and so left his position as a Science teacher at Fairfield High School and accepted a position as Associate Pastor at Memorial Baptist Church.

Steve faithfully served the Church under three previous pastors. On October 1, 2006 the Church overwhelmingly called Him to be their Senior Pastor.

His background in teaching shines through in his messages each and every Sunday as he clearly delivers real-life applications of God’s Word in his messages. His style is casual and sincere. He believes whole-heartedly in the power of the Word of God and It's ability to uplift and guide the children of Christ through all areas of life.

Pray for Pastor Steve as he serves the Lord at Memorial Baptist Church that the Lord will continue use him to touch the hearts of those who attend.


  • Justin Day: Music & Youth Coordinator
  • Gail Day: Administrative Assistant
  • Chip Guise: Office Assistant
  • Amy Lamb: Secretary/Church Clerk
  • Elaine Colman: Church Janitor